Promoting the welfare and employability of disadvantaged persons in the workforce

In partnership with companies and the community, SBF Foundation aims to promote the welfare and employability of disadvantaged persons in the workforce: low wage workers, low income families, persons with disabilities and youths-at-risk.

Partner: SG Enable

With the successful completion of "Project IN" programme, the Foundation continues to partner SG Enable on "An Inclusive Index and Inclusive Trustmark for Persons-With-Disabilities (PWDs)". Under this programme, a structured framework will be developed to allow for a more holistic measurement of employers' inclusiveness, in terms of their efforts to hire PWDs. This framework involves collecting of data from participating employers in the Inclusive Index. The data collected will be subsequently used to develop the Inclusive Trustmark.

The 3-year programme aims to strengthen existing efforts to raise capabilities of at least 300 employers in Singapore to hire and develop 800 PWDs, resulting in more sustained employment for PWDs.

Partner: New Hope Community Services (NHCS)

SBF Foundation has partnered New Hope Community Services to enhance the employability and improve job retention of the homeless. The "SBF FOUNDATION'S JOB SUPPORT AND RETENTION PROGRAMME" is based on a 7-stage job support framework which includes career coaching, counselling and case management to prepare them to enter the workforce and enable them to stay on the job. 200 beneficiaries from NHCS will be selected to participate in this pilot programme. Through the programme, the Foundation hopes that at least half of them will benefit from sustained employment which will help enable them to provide for the basic needs of their families.

Partner: Institute of Technical Education (ITE)

Overseas Industrial Attachment Programme (OIAP) - is a collaborative effort between SBF Foundation and the Institute of Technical Education which aims at providing needy ITE students with opportunities for industrial attachments, mentorship and guidance through partnerships with the business community.

SBF Foundation Global Education Programme Award - aims to provide ITE students with a holistic education by exposing them to new skills, positive mindset and global perspectives through attachments to companies in overseas countries with higher standard of living.

SBF Foundation Training Award at Institut Paul Bocuse - provides overseas student exchange opportunities to ITE students with the prestigious French culinary school, Institut Paul Bocuse (IPB) where students are trained in contemporary quality and cutting-edge innovation in the culinary world.


Partner: Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

The SBF Foundation is in partnership with the Singapore University of Technology and Design to provide quality education for promising students who require financial assistance. The SBF Foundation Scholarship at SUTD was established with this goal, while supporting the business community's manpower needs in design, technology and engineering - fields considered as key drivers of Singapore's economic progress. 

Partner: SG Enable

The SBF Foundation's two-year partnership with SG Enable on Project IN has ended which has successfully helped 36 young adults with intellectual disabilities and autism by enhancing their employability and employment opportunities. Under Project IN, these young adults had the opportunity to develop their soft and life skills, where they underwent a 9-month internship to acquire vocational or job task skills in different job roles. The programme adopts a holistic approach comprising features like group internships, onsite job coaching and job support, and onsite learning. Participating employers were supported on building up their capabilities to tap, hire and build capabilities of persons with disabilities as part of their inclusive workforce and an alternative manpower source. With the success of the pilot programme, Government agencies will fund and take Project IN further with SG Enable.

Partner: EQUAL-ARK

SBF Foundation is one of the partners with the Equestrian Federation of Singapore for the Equine-Assisted Learning for At-Risk Kids (EQUAL-ARK) programme which has reached over 1,000 disadvantaged children and youth since the partnership started in 2013. The programme helped them gain life skills through horse therapy, riding and stable management activities. More than 70% of the beneficiaries had shown improvements in their social, emotional and behavioural skills related to success in school, employment and family life. With the success of this programme, we have renewed our partnership for another 3 years since the end of the first partnership in 2016.