To champion and multiply the efforts of the business community in corporate social responsibility and corporate giving

Increasingly, more businesses are looking at doing well by doing good. Many business leaders are going beyond the financial bottom-line. They are differentiating their businesses through their contributions and impact on the community they operate in. The triple bottom line of economic, social and environment will help businesses stand out. Organizations gain strategic advantage through the social benefits and value created in the community. Businesses will stand to gain with an enhanced brand image, better engaged employees and sustainable growth.

CSR and corporate philanthropy also benefit our society in many ways. Although Singapore is a developed country, there are still needy and disadvantaged ones around us. It is important that businesses extend a helping hand to those in need so that the Singapore can become a more inclusive society.


SG Cares Volunteer Centres 
Partners: NCSS, NVPC, SG Cares Office and the SG Cares Volunteer Centres 

In support of the national SG Cares movement, the Foundation is partnering the NCSS, NVPC, SG Cares Office and the SG Cares Volunteer Centres (VCs) located in the different towns across Singapore to empower the business community to embark on sustained corporate volunteerism and to give back to the local communities. 

Click here to partner the SG Cares VCs to contribute and make a difference! 


Company of Good
Partner: National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC)

The Foundation is partnering the NVPC on the Company of Good programme, a series of programmes to support companies and corporate leaders in their corporate giving journey. The C-suite engagement programme will provide a platform for top-level executives to deliberate on key corporate giving opportunities and challenges.

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