Education was a cause dear to Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s heart and he remained unwavering in his belief “to develop Singapore's only available natural resource, its people". We have an opportunity to continue this legacy. The SBF and SBF Foundation is rallying the business community to donate to the Lee Kuan Yew Centennial Fund administered by the Ministry of Education.

The Fund supports the development of Singapore youth to become visionary leaders with the imagination and determination to shape Singapore’s future as an exceptional nation. It will be used to support three education-related initiatives to develop and recognise young leaders in Singapore: 

(i) Singapore Young Leaders Programme (managed by the Ministry of Education);
(ii) Expansion of Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship Awards (managed by Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship Fund (Company Limited by Guarantee) Board of Directors); and
(iii) Lee Kuan Yew Post-Graduate Scholarship for Urban Greenery and Ecology (managed by the National Parks Board).

as well as any other education-related initiatives in future. More details are available here. We seek your support to invest for a better tomorrow, today. A donation form is available here.

The government provides dollar-for-dollar matching up to a maximum of SGD 50 million.

Yours Sincerely,