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Blank SpaceA resilient and inclusive workforce forms the backbone of the business and the economy. We wish to inspire and rally businesses to take actions from supporting disadvantaged individuals towards a good headstart in the workforce to caring for employees in need.

Beyond financial assistance, Employment is the key to independence and integration to the community. With employment comes the benefit of access to other subsidy schemes e.g. housing or childcare, which are especially crucial for the disadvantaged groups. When the disadvantaged gain stable and sustainable employment, they participate in their fruit of labour and would not need the typical welfare.

SBF Foundation will kick start Empower Circles as a platform to bridge the business community who hires and the social service agencies who support and nurture such targeted pool of resources who are in transition from challenging circumstances. The first of such session on 29 July 2020 was organised by New Hope Community Services to bridge hiring organisations and individuals who are in need of a shelter and stable income.

Blank SpaceBlank SpaceTrade Associations who would like to galvanise their member companies and join us in this collective effort to share best practice can contact us for an exploration.

In phases, SBF Foundation Employability Fund will support programmes that outreach to different population groups. In phase 1, the first 2 groups supported are rough sleepers/homeless, and long-term unemployed parents and caregivers of at-risk children. This will be expanded over the next 3 years to include other groups including persons with mental health conditions, out-of-school youths and caregivers.

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JOIN US for SHRI x SBFF upcoming EMPOWER Circles Conversation Series

Enable Manpower Planning Opportunities With Enhanced Resources

Conversations on Inclusive Hiring for HR Professionals

In partnership with SHRI, the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) Foundation aims to bridge the hiring organisations with the untapped resources in the community.

EMPOWER Circles is a series of 3 conversations, where it is about taking the first step to understand the employment barriers the vulnerable individuals may face in their job seeking experiences and their challenges. Join any of the following webinars to learn from the job coaches and individuals as well as employers who made employment possible for vulnerable individuals.

Homeless Individuals

Restoring hope and dignity to the displaced in our community.

Date: Tuesday, 27 July 2021
Time: 2.00pm – 3.30pm
Platform: Zoom Webinar
Fee: Free

Single/Young Mums

Balancing work and caregiving responsibilities for low-income young mothers.

Date: Tuesday, 24 August 2021
Time: 2.00pm – 3.30pm
Platform: Zoom Webinar
Fee: Free

Persons With Mental Health Conditions

Enabling employees with mental health conditions to thrive.

Date: Tuesday, 28 September 2021
Time: 2.00pm – 3.30pm
Platform: Zoom Webinar
Fee: Free

Session Details


Conversation: Homeless Individuals
Restoring hope and dignity to the displaced in our community

Hear the Voices from the Shelters for the homeless individuals and learn how you and your companies can be a Beacon of Hope to the displaced individuals and families in our community. The session aims to bring greater awareness that many displaced individuals and low-income families who are in transition from challenging circumstances, want to work. They can potentially be your targeted ready pool of resources in this tight labour market. In this session, you would be able to understand how your companies can help these individuals restore their dignity and hope through employment and to achieve a win-win outcome in this tight labour market.

Session highlights:

  • A Day in the life of a shelter’s resident
  • Q&A with NHCS career coaches
  • Roundtable discussion
new hope logo pending online
Presented by: New Hope Community Services

New Hope Community Services (NHCS) was established in 2004, and has played a crucial role in the community to provide shelter and support to those in need. NHCS recognises that building thriving and resilient families and individuals requires more than just a roof over their heads. As such, they support the families and individuals to break out of the poverty cycle and achieve long term financial resilience and independence.


Conversation: Single/Young Mums
Balancing work and caregiving responsibilities for low-income young mothers

Explore the challenges faced by low-income young mothers in this new COVID era and see how you can play a part in making livelihood opportunities accessible to underprivileged communities in Singapore. This session will help discover blind spots in hiring for entry level roles while bringing awareness on social responsibilities that companies have, in order to include those who have been overlooked in the society. With growing unemployment, it is time not to sweep things under the carpet, and come together to co-solution on manpower shortage and being inclusive in hiring!

Session highlights:

  • Employment landscape for low-income women
  • Job coaches’ experiences
  • Sharing and discussion on what works for champions of inclusive hiring
Presented by: Daughters of Tomorrow

Empower a woman, Enable a family. Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) mission is to facilitate livelihood opportunities for underprivileged women, and support them in achieving financial independence and social mobility for their families. Women who face limitations on access to employment due to caregiving responsibilities, lack of flexible employment practices, focused training and skills-enhancement. DOT comes in to complement existing training and workforce-related agencies by connecting community resources to enable each woman on an individual level.


Conversation: Persons With Mental Health Conditions
Enabling employees with mental health conditions to thrive

This session aims to bring greater awareness on how employment, as a form of social inclusion, is a key factor to improving quality of life of persons with mental health conditions. Come participate in an interactive dialogue with social service agencies, professionals and persons with lived experiences on how your companies can hire and better support employees with mental health conditions in the workplace to achieve meaningful employment!

Session highlights:

  • Sharing by employers and/or person with mental health condition on their employment journey
  • Job coaches sharing on best practices
  • Discussion on barriers and overcoming them

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Webinar on Employability Fund on 25 March 2021


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Empower Circles Kick Off on 4 December 2020


Kick started on December 2020, the Empower Circles is a platform to bridge knowledge and build capacity of business community that hires, and the social service agencies that support and nurture individuals who are in transition from challenging circumstances. Targeted industry sectors will support these individuals in entering or re-entering the workforce.

[Left to Right]:
First row: Mr N. Sreenivasan (Chairman, Programme Committee SBF Foundation),
Ms Wong Sing Chee (President, People and Career Development Association)
Second row: Ms Ranganayaki Thangavelu (Deputy Executive Director, Beyond Social Services)
Third row: Mr Alvin Aloysius Goh (Executive Director, Singapore Human Resources Institute),
Ms Fazlin Abdullah (Director, Knowledge & Insights, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre),
Ms Anthea Rose Chong (Manager, Manpower Planning & Policy Division, Ministry of Manpower)
[Not in picture]:
Ms Vicky Wong (Deputy CEO, e2i),
Ms Lim Kar Yee (Senior Director, CDC Plan & Development, People’s Association)


Ministerial Luncheon with TAC leaders on 13 November 2020



Industry leaders from 9 Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce attended a ministerial luncheon on 13 November 2020 co-hosted by Ms Janet Ang, Deputy Chairman, SBF Foundation and Mr Philip Tan, Chairman, Community Chest where guest of honour, Minister Ong Ye Kung implored the business community to embrace collective giving.


Empower Circles on President Halimah Yacob's Facebook on 24 October 2020


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