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TAC 2As our nation confronts an unprecedented public health crisis, complementing government support for individuals, families and corporates are caring individuals, philanthropists or community groups demonstrating the importance of showing compassion to others and our capacity to work together towards common goals.

SBF Foundation hopes that in our Singapore society where employees give their best for themselves and others, industry leaders can also do more to offer support to vulnerable employees within the industry.

This goes beyond ad hoc financial help and extends to developing a catalytic framework for trade associations and their corporate members to pool resources and foster industry-wide cultures where employees in need first turn to their compassionate employers for help before personal or family circumstances spiral downwards. The Foundation is initiating an industry-led Compassion Fund as a platform for the business community to pool resources with the goal of providing employees with the care and support from within. In the same way that corporate social responsibility entails corporates supporting selected social communities, the Fund champions corporates assisting the industrial community.

Associations or industry leaders who would like to galvanise their member companies and join us in this collective effort to show solidarity with employees who are in need can contact us for more information.             

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