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Consideration in Selecting New Programmes

The SBF Foundation will support programmes and activities that are aligned with its mission of encouraging, enabling and enhancing the contributions of the business community to the social, vocational and educational upliftment of all in Singapore.

The Foundation’s areas of focus are as follows:

CSR & Corporate Philanthropy

CSR & Corporate Philanthropy

For an ever-increasing number of businesses, a big part of being successful is giving back to society in a significant way...

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Welfare and Employability of Disadvantaged Persons

Welfare and Employability of Disadvantaged Persons

The SBF Foundation works in partnership with Singapore’s business community to enhance the welfare of aged and disadvantaged employees...

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In selecting its partners and programmes to support, the SBF Foundation will consider the following:

  1. Alignment with SBF Foundation’s Objects
    Programmes must address needs that are in line with SBF Foundation’s objectives. Higher priority may also be given to programmes that address a significant and/or pressing need.
  2. Benefit to the Community
    As an Institution of Public Character (IPC), the activities of SBFF must be beneficial to the community in Singapore as a whole. Programmes must clearly state its impact on the community and have clear and measurable outcomes.
  3. Capability and Commitment of Implementing Organisations
    Implementing organisations must have the ability to develop and implement the programmes. They should apply the outcomes-focused approach and be committed to monitoring results and adjusting the programmes as needed. In addition, they must also be prepared to submit regular reports to SBFF.
  4. Involvement of the Business Community
    In line with SBF Foundation’s mission of getting businesses more involved in giving back to society, programmes and activities funded by SBF Foundation should involve, in appropriate ways, the business community.

For more details on evaluation and approval processes of programme proposals submitted to SBF Foundation for funding, please refer to Funding Process.

Organisations seeking grants are encouraged to submit a request for funding at least six months before the commencement of the project. Applications can be made via email or mail and should include a brief description of the organisation and the proposed programme, as well as the amount requested from the SBF Foundation.

Should the funding request be shortlisted, the organisation will need to submit a full proposal written in prose and not exceeding four pages in length.

Kindly note the following: For a start, the SBF Foundation would prefer to parter non-profit organisations and support the development and running of their programmes that are in line with the Foundation’s goals.

  • As a registered charity and an Institution of Public Character (IPC), the Foundation will not support:
  • Individuals
  • Projects confined to sectional interests of a group of persons (e.g. race, political groups etc) or serve an exclusively religious purpose
  • Overseas projects
  • Social and/or commercial events with no community benefit
  • Projects that are not in line with the Foundation’s objectives