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Blank SpaceA resilient and inclusive workforce forms the backbone of the business and the economy. We wish to inspire and rally businesses to take actions from supporting disadvantaged individuals towards a good headstart in the workforce to caring for employees in need.

Beyond financial assistance, Employment is the key to independence and integration to the community. With employment comes the benefit of access to other subsidy schemes e.g. housing or childcare, which are especially crucial for the disadvantaged groups. When the disadvantaged gain stable and sustainable employment, they participate in their fruit of labour and would not need the typical welfare.

SBF Foundation will kick start Empower Circles as a platform to bridge the business community who hires and the social service agencies who support and nurture such targeted pool of resources who are in transition from challenging circumstances. The first of such session on 29 July 2020 was organised by New Hope Community Services to bridge hiring organisations and individuals who are in need of a shelter and stable income.

Blank SpaceBlank SpaceTrade Associations who would like to galvanise their member companies and join us in this collective effort to share best practice can contact us for an exploration.

In phases, SBF Foundation Employability Fund will support programmes that outreach to different population groups. In phase 1, the first 2 groups supported are rough sleepers/homeless, and long-term unemployed parents and caregivers of at-risk children. This will be expanded over the next 3 years to include other groups including persons with mental health conditions, out-of-school youths and caregivers.

Blank SpaceCompanies who wish to contribute towards enabling employment programmes may click  here to donate.                                                                                  

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