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How your company can make a difference

  • Sign up to be part of the Company of Good network today! Visit Company of Good.
  • Provide valuable industrial attachment opportunities for ITE students, both locally or overseas.
  • Support students from SUTD in their final-year projects, or provide them opportunities for internship.
  • Hire people with disabilities and the low income individuals and help to foster a more inclusive workforce.
  • Support SBF Foundation's initiatives and causes.

Funding Process

Step 1: Donors & Sponsors

SBF Foundation receives donations from donors and sponsors.
*All donations to the SBF Foundation are eligible for tax deduction of 250% in 2020.

Step 2: Function of SBF Foundation

  1. Upon receiving funding proposals from programme partners, Secretariat puts up its recommendations for the proposals.
  2. Programme Committee reviews the recommendations and proposals and decides on whether to endorse or reject the proposals according to our Grant Seekers Guidelines
  3. The endorsed proposals are then submitted to the SBF Foundation Board for approval

Step 3: Disbursement of funds to Programme Partners

  1. Disbursement of funds are usually made in tranches.
  2. Upon approval from SBF Foundation Board, Secretariat disburses the first tranche of funding to programme partners.
  3. Measurements for tracking of KPIs for programmes are communicated to programme partners, who will be required to submit periodic reports for monitoring and reviews.
  4. Disbursement of subsequent tranches upon achievement of interim KPIs.