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Who we are

The SBF Foundation is an Institution of Public Character (IPC) established by the Singapore Business Federation in 2013 in response to our Prime Minister’s call for businesses to be more active and engaged in the areas of corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility, to foster a more inclusive society.

The SBF Foundation is envisioned to be a foundation for the business community for the community of Singapore. It aims to help Singapore’s business community give back to society by reaching out and transforming the lives of the less-privileged in Singapore. The Foundation does this by actively promoting corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy, as well as providing advancement of education through partnership with the business community.

IPC status: renewed till 15/07/2021

SBF Foundation Board of Directors

  • Mr Hsieh Fu Hua, Chair
  • Ms Janet Ang, Deputy Chair
  • Ms Susan Chong, Member
  • Mr Ho Meng Kit, Member
  • Mr Patrick Kho, Member
  • Ms Kwee Su-Lin, Member
  • Ms Lee Sze Yeng, Member
  • Ms Madeleine Loo, Member
  • Mr N Sreenivasan, Member
  • Mr Edwin Ng, Member


Whistle Blowing Policy

The Foundation has in place a whistle blowing policy and procedures to encourage employees and external parties to raise genuine concerns in good faith, related to any aspect of our operations without fear of reprisal, discrimination or adverse consequences.

All concerns or cases reported to the Foundation will be treated sensitively and promptly investigated. The Foundation will acknowledge receipt of the case if contact details are available. Depending on the nature of the case, the Foundation reserves the right to refer the case to appropriate external regulatory authorities.

Please report any concern and information supporting the concern via email to  or by post to our office as follows:

Private & Confidential,
Attention of Chairman of Audit Committee, SBF Foundation,
c/o Director/Human Resources, Singapore Business Federation,
SBF Foundation, 160 Robinson Road, #06-01 SBF Center, Singapore 069814

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Foundation has in place a disclosure policy and procedure for Board and Committee Members and employees to ensure that individuals acting on its behalf avoid conflicts of interest which may impede or compromise their responsibilities. 

All Board and Committee Members are required to make declaration of conflict of interest to the Foundation at the start of the term of directorship, annually, or as soon as such conflict or the possibility of such conflict arises. Board Members do not vote or participate in decision-making on matters where they have a conflict of interest.

All employees of SBF Foundation are required to make annual declaration of conflict of interest at the point of hire and annually.

Reserves Policy

The Foundation seeks to maintain a reserve of three years' operating expenses and up to $2mil. The reserves are invested in fixed deposits with banks approved by the Board. The Board will review the reserves policy and the amount of reserves annually. The use of reserves shall be approved by the Board. The reserves can be used for funding of operating expenditure during financial crisis and ex-budgetary capital expenditure for ensuring business continuity.

Human Resource Policy

The Foundation has in place an employee handbook which documents the human resource policy on employment policies and practices, staff remuneration and benefits, performance management and evaluation system, employee relations, as well as finance and administration practices for human resource matters.